Christmas Tree

Welcome back all visitors. My last post was written more than year ago. From that time in Weather Station project I made few improvements but this is not so important and I will write about it in other post in the future. Now I would like to focus on my new project. It began almost […]

Weather station – code description

Hello! As I mentioned in my previous post, I focused od clean and publish my weather station code using RF transmission nad NodeMCU v3. Whole my project you can find on GitHub. It split to tree parts: rf_encoder – simple methods for encoding and decoding RF messages client – code for the device which read […]

Weather station – more performance

Welcome everyone. The time from my last article I spent on upgrading Weather Station project. Generally it worked, but two things are not working perfectly and I was trying to fix it: power supply, my Weather Station devices needs to be supply by USB cable and charger, although they use not much power I know […]

Weather Station – Docker configuration

As I wrote in my previous article, it came time to describe building and running process of my whole Weather Station application. My solution is based on Docker and Docker Compose which is running on Raspberry Pi 4. So let’s start from beginning and clone my repository. Building frontend application After cloning repository you have […]

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