Smart Home (part 2)

In my previous article I presented the first version of Smart Home application based on SonOff device. After few months everything in that project was changed. 

SonOff Firmware

When I wrote my first artcle about SmartHome application all SonOff devices used Firmawre with version 2.0.1. It allowed to connect the device via WebSocket to private Server via SSL (using self sign certificate). From that SonOff firmware was changed (currently version 3.3.0). The main change is that this device could not be connected to server with self sign certificate, but SonOff add new feature – LAN Mode. It allows to communicate with devices in local network without internet connection.

This kind of feature is the gate to create your own server.


As firmware was changed in devices also application was chaged. The core functionallity has not been changed, but the communication with devices has been change totally. Based on project Pysonoff written in Python I was able to create node service which is listening on devices broadcast message. I use for that library node-dns-sd. To communicate with devices I use simple HTTP request.

New version of application (v1.2.0) has few new functionalities:

  • connect two applications (server, app) into one repository with simple deploy command
  • works with all devices (firmware 3.3.0+)
  • display list of devices (tyes: T1 EU, S26E, CW001)
  • allow to add new device
  • allow to edit device – rename device, rename device switches
  • display informations about device
  • new layout (works also on mobile)
  • add rooms functionality (each device can be assingned to one room)
  • remove SSL
  • and few more…


I have a lot of ideas, what should be added to my application, but I am also open for yours voice and ideas. Do not hesitate to contact me via email and share with me new possible features, maybe some of them will be implemented. Below you find some new features which I would like to implement soon:

  • limit number of switches per device
  • add scheduler functionality
  • add possibility to turn on/off all devices in one room


Smart Home (part 2)
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