Weather Station v1.2.0

New version of Weather Station is published – v1.2.0. As a part of my smart-home-app it has few new features, one functionality was removed. Short list of changes with explanation you can read below: communication with API was fixed and now use timestamp in UTC time zone in week chart was fixed title of the […]

ESP8266 + DHT11 weather station

In my previous article about Weather Station I presented frontend application to display weather station sensor data. Today I would like to present my own weather station project based on ESP8266 and DHT11/22. Let’s start form the beginning. Some time ago I discovered ESP8266-01 module, which allows to connect to my WiFi network, build some […]

Weather Station

Hi, some times ago maybe even some years ago I was interested in micro controllers a lot. I wrote some basic articles (in polish) about how to start and create your first project. After few years I decided to come back to that topic. I bought Arduino Uno, and create some simple projects with LED, […]

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